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Ewelina & Rafal | Documentary Wedding Photography | Chicago

Some things just can’t be rushed and need to find their own time and place. Should we then just wait and hope for something to become true, like a dream, or shouldn’t we even bother?

Rafal spoke softly to his mother in the Reception. He was grateful for the life he got and the support in his believes that dreams can come true. He said: I hoped for the girl like Ewelinka and I never stopped praying that one day she will be my wife.

The hardest part is to be truly honest in defining who we are and not be afraid to admit to what is that we really want from life.  Imagine it, stand by your vision and in times when you feel that you could not be further away…remember who you are.

We shall  dream, this is our responsibility; we owe it to ourselves, to our future. And what if we would only dreamed the whole life? So what? It is still better than having no hope at all.


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