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Ewelina & Rafal | Lifestyle Engagement Photography | Evanston Beach

After a long drive I finally parked my car by Evanston Beach. It was after 9AM, the air was already getting thick and hot, it definitely seemed like another humid summer day is about to divulge.  I love being on the beach when it is that hot. You can cool your feet in the water and allow yourself to feel fresh breeze that makes it even more bearable.

I took a last sip of my morning coffee and I headed towards one of the benches to enjoy a few moments just for my self before Ewelina and Rafal arrive. I felt happy to be there, I thought about the session and how it is always very exiting and uplifting to be around people in love, and to say more, being able to photograph them.

Couples like Ewelina and Rafal are so fresh like that breeze I mentioned above or a bite of cold water melon on the hot day… oh not trying to sound too sentimental or overly romantic but that’s what really comes to my mind when I think about them.

…so novel, so in <3…


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