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Woman’s Club Evanston Wedding Photography | Arielle + Robert

Occasionally, just like that, you feel good in someone’s presence. You don’t know them but you feel like you do. We all have so much in common and we are all so much alike, more than we think. The fear of rejection could be so paralyzing that it prevents us from opening up to others. And when we close ourselves to the world we are missing on something very special which is a chance to connect with another human being. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to immediately share your secrets with someone you don’t know.Sometimes it only means to open your heart, show compassion and be an active listener or observer. You never know what you can learn or experience.

Arielle and Robert both have very gentle souls. They are not scared to be happy and dream about future. Their wedding day was a celebration of who they are but they also embraced their two families together in a very graceful and touching way.

I witnessed a lot of different emotions and great moments through out the whole day but one of my favorite happened during Arielle’s preparations. I remember sensing the anticipation when they opened the old box with the bridal heirloom that was passed through their family from generation to generation. Arielle’s great-great grandmother wore this heirloom on her wedding day in 1889. 125 years later Arielle was about to do the same. I saw love and pride in Arielle’s mom’s eyes right after she gently attached the heirloom on Ari’s hair. This moment touched me deeply too because I have realize its meaning. It was never only about keeping a family tradition alive but it was about keeping a family connection.

Life is full of beautiful stories and the wedding day is filled with them. We can plan some details and try to envision how it will be but you can’t plan out the emotions. It is always better to just let it go and stay authentic, and there are so many great moments that can come out of it.

Stories are meant to be shared, so others can relate and hopefully get inspired.

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