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Art For Heart, 2012

Living life requires a lot of responsibility but to gain a higher-level of self -awareness and personal freedom requires a lot of courage. Preserving it on the other hand is almost like a heroic act. It means constantly moving forward in your own journey, it also means stepping out of your comfort zone, fighting resistance, self doubt and finally trusting your own judgment.

In the end it is about letting go of things that we already are familiar with and stepping into undiscovered zone. That is when responsible actions need to take place in order to stay on that chosen path

Cheers to all of the beautiful and courageous people that so far have inspired me during my own journey!

 Art For Heart, Marzena Ziejka, Irena Siwek, Pawel Kupiec, Jolanta Izabela Pawlak, Dariusz Labuzek, Ed Ott, Ewa Devereux


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