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Woodridge | Chicago | Wedding Photographer | Tracy & Tim

Each wedding is different and I always try to identify those differences right away. Individual approach is something that everyone deserves. And there is always so much new to see, experience, and then learn. If only you can observe and allow the natural happen without planning, no rearranging, no contrived scenes just allowing the raw feelings, situations naturally unfold just when and where they are suppose to. I got to experience that again when Tracy and Tim invited me to photograph their wedding. I was very thankful for this opportunity because I loved how they were not afraid to speak from the heart and I knew right away that this day will be very special.

Few months before the Wedding Tracy told me that they picked the date with everybody in mind.  She told me that they had been together since high school and this day is all about celebrating their love for each other. Throughout all these years they have been together they have had strong support from family and friends and they cannot imagine not having everyone present.

When the day came I quickly realized what Tracy was talking about. Let me put it this way. For bystander it would be really hard to figure out right away which mom belongs to whom and if this is a sister a maybe a friend. Funny as its sounds but it seemed that there was no difference, that’s how close they all are. And if there was a way to measure happiness either by the amount of happy tears or laughs or maybe loving looks or hugs. I am sure they would score really high.

There is so much beauty in showing love. This is not a feeling that should ever be withheld because it brings so much joy and it spreads and multiplies and its positive vibe may touch and be passed on and received by anyone.

I was touched and humbled by that experience. I respected their space and allowed them to enjoy every single moment. In exchange I received trust in my creative process and I got to enjoy those moments with them. It was a true gift.


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